Monday, May 2, 2011

I guess you could call it a Weekend Wrap-Up...

Do you ever lay your head on your pillow on a Sunday night and just think to yourself "What an awesome weekend!".  That is exactly what I did last night.  This weekend was absolutely wonderful!  The weather was gorgeous!!  The company was even better!  I just love going home and being around my family.  I know that they're not THAT far away, but I still miss them desperately!  They are the best, no doubt!

So, my weekend went a little something like this...

Drove down to NOLA after work on Friday.

Friday night was the church function which included, grilling out, bonfire, a great devotion, some yummy smores, a few bug bites...oh and a little pattern mixing!

Saturday was the "Great Garage Sale Expedition of 2011".   AWESOME!!

Saturday night, I had a great visit with some family and friends that were in town...including the always lovely Tiff from over at Breakfast with Tiffany.  I guess we could've technically called it a "Blogger Meet-Up" although I don't think it would actually count (if there was a blogger rule book or something) since we've known each other most of our lives, graduated high school together, ect.   Regardless, it was a good time as always!
Aren't we the cutest?!  :o)

On Sunday, we had a great service at church..which including my Tootsie getting baptized!  YAY!!
She was so excited!  And I might have bawled my eyes out!  ;o)

Sunday afternoon was lunch and frozen yogurt with the family!
My Lovelies:
Shirt - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Wedges - thrifted

Tootsie Lovelies:
Sweater - handed down
Shirt - thrifted
Shirt - thrifted
Flip-flops - Walmart

Tootsie styled herself, and did pretty good.  I try to let her wear what she wants, but sometimes I have to put in my two cents.  If I gave her free-reign..she'd wear a silk blouse, gym shorts and Uggs.  For real!!  So, we kind of have an unspoken agreement that I get a little input in what she wears and she does the same.  
It works out pretty well.  ;o)

**Disclaimer:  Please disregard my weird looking hair in both pictures.  My bangs are in a weird growing out stage and just pretty much suck right now, so I have to pull them back (which I don't like on myself).   Anyways, I am planning on getting my hair cut this week...pretty sure I'm gonna go much shorter this time.  
I'm still aiming for something along the lines of Sarah's.  Love it!  :o)

Happy Birthday to my niece, Hailey!!  

Happy Monday to the rest of y'all!


  1. Ha, that first picture looks awfully familiar! You look so great, girl! I had a blast Saturday night. Let's do it again soon!

  2. Wow, sounds like a great weekend! Also, you and your daughter look fabulous! Can she be my stylist, please?

    North Meets South

  3. you look great! sounds like a memorable weekend for you and your daughter. just in time for mother's day!


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