Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Darn you, Pat Sajak!!

Hypothetically....what does one do if this happens??
::Mom gets dressed for the day in what she thinks is a cute outfit::
::Mom turns to 8 yr old::
Mom: What ya think?
8 yr old:  Eh..looks just like the rest of them you've been wearing.
**Enter the "whomp whomp" sound from a tv game show when you LOSE!!**

So, apparently I've gotten a little stale in what I've been dressing myself in these days.  I am going to play "dress up" tonight and try to breathe life back into my poor, pitiful wardrobe.  Wish me luck!

I did, however, make a necklace this weekend and wore it I'll share that for the moment, so I don't totally suck.  ;o)

This is a pendant that I've had forever that used to be on a suede cord.  The cord broke, so the pendant got tucked away in my jewelry box for 5 yrs or so..almost to never be heard from again.  The beads were on some ties on a dress that was given to me.  They didn't look right on the dress, so I cut them off.  Enter a few strings of hemp cord (from the Dollar that place!) tied together and you get....

I also re-purposed (combined 2 necklaces that I don't use) a few necklaces that I already have.  They are ones that I don't use and thought I'd try to create something usuable perhaps.
Yeah, they're pretty is navy/gold..the other is black/silver.   In hindsight, I should have done black/gold together..Who Dat?!  ;o)

Alright, that's all I got for the moment.  Time to go back to being stale...

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Haha, good think you have such a smart daughter to keep you on your toes! And I love what you did with those necklaces! They look great!

    North Meets South

  2. Love your "new" necklaces. It's giving me ideas for those tucked away pieces I have that I was planning to donate to my 7-year-old:)

  3. Thanks, y'all!
    @Erica, she cracks me up. Every morning, she "jouges" (fixes) me before we leave the house. ( I don't know how to spell that word..but you know what I mean. lol)
    @Lesly, I hope you come up with something awesome! (Sorry, Jules!) ;o)

  4. I'm so behind in my blogging! Darn my virus-ed up work computer! I love those necklaces!! Especially that last one! So cute!


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