Friday, April 29, 2011

One small leap for GIANT leap for ME!!

Today was the day that I finally broke the seal and stepped WAY out of my comfort zone.  I mixed patterns!  I know that isn't anything ground-breaking fashion-wise...but in the boring, matchy, OCD world according to Lissa, it's a pretty big deal.  I'm pretty sure I failed at actually creating a cute/interesting outfit..but moreover the fact that I actually did it and "owned" it proudly all day, however terrible it may have looked, is a success in my book.  :o) 

My Lovelies:
Dress - Family Dollar (pulled down and worn as a skirt..worn as a dress here)
Striped shirt - Forever21 - thrifted
Tank - Target
Belt - thrifted
Sandals - Cato

Well, there you have it folks.  By throwing this out in bloggy-land I feel like I've gone thru some rite of passage.  I now feel free to experiment more in clothing and in life. 
Today - pattern mixing...Tomorrow - sky diving. 
(Actually, that is not gonna thanks..not ever..never!)

It was a good Friday!  Normal day at work, then drove into NOLA and enjoyed a cook-out, bon-fire and great fellowship at my sister's church.   It was wonderful! (Minus the smell of "fire smoke" in my hair and clothes..and the 24 mosquito bites that have spotted my ankles.)
Looking forward to 2 more days of visiting with family..and maybe a little thrifting at my fav thrifting haunt in this neck of the woods.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


  1. are you kidding?! it looks fantastic! way to go, girl :D

  2. I would say you rocked it. Now you can be proud that it was not a fail but a complete success.

  3. You totally rocked this girl!!!! Love it!!!! You hv inspired me to mix n match!!!

  4. You look great, girl! I love it!

  5. Thumbs up for pattern-mixing! Looks great! (And I have dabbled in pattern-mixing a couple of times but will NEVER EVER sky-dive either, hee.)

  6. I love visiting family! and thrifting haha

    Monique xx

  7. I love it! Pattern mixing is so scary. I haven't done much of it because it always looks off to me when I try. But you look fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me :)

    Freckles in April


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