Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby it's COLD outside....

Can someone please explain to me why in May in South Mississippi of all was 45 degrees this morning?!?!  Mother Nature must've gotten her calendar screwed up or something...Geez!  :o)

The chilly weather did give me an excuse to wear one of the shirts that I bought over the weekend.
This was the only pic we got before my camera died and of course the battery charger is at home.  Shadowy face it is...
My Lovelies:
Dress - Simply Fashions ($5)
Shirt - Gap - thrifted
Necklace - Family Dollar
Wedges - Payless

This necklace is part of an awesome find at Family Dollar on Monday.  I got 4 necklace/earring sets for $1 a set.  They are colorful and very well made considering the price.  I've realized recently that I don't have much "color" in my jewelry box.   These definitely help.  :o)

Happy Wednesday to you guys!!  


  1. Seriously with this weird weather! I think it's like a record setting low or something. Crazy!

    Love that dress! I can't believe you got it for $5!

  2. Ooh my!! I love this!!!! Thx for your comment on my DIY stand...I had to delete the post bc I was a day early so I lost all my comments...would love if you would stop by tomm n comment again...I feel soo dumb...

    Xoxo Andrea

  3. FOUR DOLLARS for four necklaces and four pairs of earrings?! I have no idea where our nearest Family Dollar is but now I must make it a mission to seek one out for avvisit! This is way cute - love the colorful tiers on your dress.

  4. That's a great find on the necklaces. It looks good with the dress!!!


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