Thursday, May 5, 2011

I ain't yo momma's June Cleaver, baby!!

I feel more like Mary Katherine Gallagher today than I do June Cleaver, but so is life...  ;o)

Here is a little insight into how my morning has gone:
I tripped going up the stairs at the house and spilled hot coffee all over me, my pajamas and the carpet.
I realized on the way to Job #1, that I forgot to do Job #2 (I clean a business office twice a week) last night.  Having realized this, I whipped across 2 lanes of Interstate (thankfully there were no cars around, especially the ones with the lights and sirens on them) to make the exit to quickly go do Job #2.  
By taking this unexpected detour, I ended up being 20 min late for Job #1.  
(Thankfully I have the world's BEST bosses!!)
When I pulled up at Job #1 I looked down to see this:
That is my favorite blush brush drowning in my coffee.  Guess that what I get for doing my make-up in the car...
Work has been crazy, non-stop all morning!  I hurried up and snapped a pic before I spilled something else on myself or worse...since that is where my day seems to be heading...
21st Century June Cleaver?
My Lovelies:
Dress - Collective Clothing - thrifted this weekend
Tights - Rue 21 - had 'em forever and only paid $1 for them.
Cardigan - Target
Belt - that just so happens to perfectly match the shoes I already had - thrifted this weekend 
Flats - Burke's Outlet
Random Jewelry that I've had forever...all except for one piece...

This is the latest addition to my jewelry collection.  The story behind it goes a little something like this:
A few weeks ago I asked my Mom for her sewing machine since she hasn't used it in years.  I've been thinking that I want to start to learn how to sew so I can do some easy alterations and such myself.  She brought it up when she came to visit and brought along with it a gigantic sewing box that was my great grandmother's that she had gotten when Grandma Sadie passed away a few years ago.  We opened it up and rummaged thru it and discovered this ring along with 2 others almost identical to it.  
Grandma had been taking some arts/crafts classes and had made them herself.  :o)
It on some kind of stretchy string w/ beads and is all woven together.  
 It's gorgeous!   Plus knowing who made it, makes it all the more special! 

I'm trying to change my attitude about the rest of the day and will try to spend it like a "Superstar!" .
Happy Thursday!


  1. Holy cuteness, that outfit is adorable!! I love the black and white combo with the pink. So cute!

    I laughed out loud at the blush brush in the coffee. Eesh. Hopefully, your day will only get better!

  2. Omg, what a crazy day! But that ring is beautiful, and how sweet that your grandma made it! Much better than buying a ring. Hope your day gets better!

    North Meets South

  3. So cute!! Love that you found a belt that matches those awesome shoes! Thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday :)

  4. I love the gingham dress with the pink cardigan! Nice combo!

  5. Love the ring!!! Grandma did good!

  6. hahaha! First of all thank you so much for your sweet comments and joining the Thrifters Anonymous club..I too am addicted to thrifting!!!oh and I have actually dropped my brush TWICE! and I love that brush...not to mention it is soooo expensive! You are too cute. That ring is so pretty..hmmm I might have to try and make this!


  7. Oooh my!!! I love your outfit.....but that ring is AMAZING!!! I love it I want one :)


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