Monday, April 18, 2011

In the words of Rachel Zoe...

...I DYE!!!    
 (Yeah, that was a lame intro, but it's all I could come up with.)

How was y'alls weekend?  I had a wonderfully quiet, relaxing, productive weekend!!

I was totally inspired by Andrea at Peanut Butter Hand Print's post on Friday about dyeing clothes.  I started thinking about a white skirt that I got at a thrift store last summer, that I adore, but never wear it..mostly because it's white and I'm a bit accident-prone.  I decided that I was going to stop at Wal-Mart that evening and find some dye and see what happens.  I text my sister to ask her opinion on a color and she confirmed what I was already leaning towards...yellow!!   So, while driving home and shaking my booty to Lupe Fiasco's new song on the radio...a Pandora's box of "clothes that were just dying to be dyed" opened up in my mind.  I remembered that I have a white button-down shirt that I bought at Target last summer and have never worn and a pair of shorts that I thrifted a few weeks ago.  They were calling to me, saying "Yo, Lissa...make me colorful!!"  (Yes, if clothes could talk, that's how they'd talk.  lol).   A few boxes of Rit dye, some rubber gloves, a bottle of bleach and a glass (or 2) of wine...and here's what happened:
 More boring!

Well, hello there beautiful bright colors!!

So, what do ya think?  Not too shabby for my first time dyeing stuff.  I did it in my kitchen sink.  It's stainless steel, so no staining and easy clean-up.  Gotta love that!   I used the powder, mostly because it was almost half the price of the liquid. (Hello frugality!)  I followed the instructions, rinsed them in cold water, ran them thru the dryer for a few minutes, then hung them up to dry overnight.  The next day I ran them separately thru a quick, gentle cycle in the washer then a few minutes in the dryer then line dried the rest of the way.  I was a little disappointed in the selection (or lack there of) of colors that Wal-Mart had.  I'll try Hobby Lobby next time when I get the itch to dye.  (That was a totally strange sounding statement.  lol)  I wanted the shirt to be more of a baby blue color.  I was going for the "chambray shirt" look, ya know.?  If I find the color I want, I might use the dye remover and re-do it.  Who knows.

Anyhoo...I am in LOVE with the yellow skirt!!!    I can't wait to wear it.  It screams SUMMER!!  :o)


  1. I love them all!! Those shorts are FUN! And the yellow skirt . . . LOVE!! And the shirt is awesome, too! I think I can see myself thrifting for boring white stuff to dye in the very near future. =)

  2. Whoever told you to die that skirt yellow is the BOMB! I looks great! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

  3. goreous dye jobs! love each one. especially the button up. they just scream summer.

  4. omg, LOVE how these turned out! sorry it took me a bit to get my heiney up here to coment :) (thanks for the link!)


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