Thursday, April 21, 2011

How Stella got her Groove back...

Happy Good Friday Eve!  How you doin? (Said like Joey Tribbiani, as always)  ;o)

After getting a "thumbs down" from my pint-sized fashion consultant yesterday, I decided to do a little closet re-vamping last night.  I went thru and pulled out anything that I haven't worn since the seasons changed, tried it all on, made a pile for Goodwill donation of stuff that doesn't fit, then decided out of the rest what I will and will not wear any more.  I found some things that I thought were too small, that now fit. (YAY!!)  
Anyhoo...hopefully I can maintain this enthusiasm and perhaps grow some creativity (Lord knows I'm certainly lacking in it) to put together cute outfits that will not get me scoffed at by the little "Rachel Zoe" that sleeps in the next room.  ;o)  

 Here's what I decided on today:
My Lovelies:
Dress - Family Dollar
Red tank - Sister Swap
Necklace - created by me
Shoes - It's Fashion 

Let me introduce you to the new members of my (small but perfectly organized thanks to my OCD) shoe collection:
Aren't they divine??!  
I have been looking around for a pair of black sandals that were super versatile and SUPER cheap.  Well, I found these gals last night for only $13.99.  I say "only $13.99", but I honestly had a hard time spending that much on them..took me a while to decide.  Lame, I know..but I am just so used to buying stuff second-hand and on the cheap that NEW shoes that were NOT on sale was a big deal.   (The frugal gal inside of me felt faint.  lol)   I am so glad that I got them though...I LOVE them!!  The best part..they have an elastic band in the back strap so they fit perfectly!  :o)

  We have a busy weekend planned.  How about y'all?
Tomorrow night is Toots' birthday sleep-over at the house. 
Then Saturday we're off to NOLA to spend Easter with the family.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!


  1. dress- family dollar? i almost fell off my chair when i read that. you would never guess. SO cute.

  2. Well you put together a very cute outfit and yes the shoes are cute. Dont we all have a shoe problem lol I know I do. I love fashion and enjoy hearing and seeing people do their thing. If you need some help accessorizing just let me know. I make accessories with love. have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

    Kasha Designs

  3. Even if you hadn't written it the How You Doin' is ALWAYS said inside my head a la Joey Tribbiani. Just as Oh NO is said a la Phoebe. I cannot believe you got that dress at Family Dollar!!!

  4. Aww happy birthday to Maddie!! I love the outfit! Red with black & white stripes is always a WIN! You look so great, m'dear!


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