Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beads, Ashes and 5Ks...oh my!

Well, Fat Tuesday has come and gone and that's exactly how I feel...FAT!  Bleh!  I ate way too much, although I still did my 3.2 mile run yesterday morning before all the pigging out and parading and such.   The parades were a blast and we stayed dry for the most part.   So, a Happy Mardi Gras was had by Toots and I.  :o)

Ash even though I am not Catholic, I usually try to give something up for "Lent".  My track record is not very good at actually being successful and giving something up and sticking with it all the way thru til Easter.  I have not been known for my self-control in the past.  I feel like a different person this year and hope that I can approach this obstacle/goal in a different way...with SUCCESS.  So, I have decided to "give up" sweets/desserts...except for Mocha Frappuccinos, that is...  ;o)     I really only see this as being a win/win.  I can test my self-control, plus not eating sweets for a month or two might be the key to losing the last 5 lbs of my goal.   We shall see....

Lastly, it is almost 5K time!!!  Yay!!   I have successfully ran at least 3 miles twice this week (Monday and Tuesday).   I "pansied out" on my 3 mile run for today, due to the weather, so I will run 3 miles tomorrow and then just 1 mile on Friday.  Friday evening I will be heading down to Florida...cuz Saturday is D-Day!  I am beyond excited and ridiculously proud of myself for coming this far.  I know that when Tiffany and I, along with some other good friends, cross that finish line it will be an AMAZING feeling and worth it all!!    It will definitely be on of the greatest accomplishments of my life.  Stay tuned...  ;o)


  1. Good luck, Melissa! I'm so proud of you! Have a safe trip and enjoy your time is Florida!

  2. Great job, sista! I always try to give things up for Lent, too....eventhough I'm the farthest thing from Catholic, it just seems like a fun challenge. haha! I haven't decided what to do this year though. :o/

  3. Thanks, y'all!! Hey, about Coke? ;o)

  4. That's awesome, Melissa!! I can't wait! =)


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