Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Funny: Be careful what you wish for....

My child is a PLETHORA of funnies!  Most of them are unintentional.  Things just fly out of her mouth and they're so sincere and soooo comical (atleast to me)! 
Of course, sometimes she'll "loud cap" me in public and that is NOT funny!  ;o)

So here are a few of her most recent ones:
While sitting at the table enjoying our lunch on Sunday.  The subject of "Heaven" came up.  She asked me if Heaven was white and covered with clouds.  I told her that I wasn't sure, then asked her what SHE thought Heaven was like and she says (most sincerely, of course)...
"I think Heaven will look like our house that we live in now..because I really like this house.  But in Heaven we'll have no school and no work...we'll just be relaxing in our wings!!".
(How can you not chuckle at that?!)  :o)

I clean a small business office as a side job.  I'm beginning to make Toots "help" me some to try to teach her some work ethic.  While putting new bags into the trash cans, she tells me in her most whiney-iest, pitiful-est voice possible...
"Why do I get the boring job of putting in the trash bags and you always get the COOL, FUN cleaning the toilets!!". 
Well, let me just tell you that I almost peed myself laughing!!  I try not to laugh outloud when she says "unintentionally" funny things, so as to not hurt her feelings, but this time I just could not help it!!

Well, your wish is my command, sweetheart!!
"Yay!  I FINALLY get to clean a toilet!"
"Mommy..this blue cleaner stuff is stinky!!"
"This is what I think about cleaning toilets now!"

The moral of the careful what you wish for!!  ;o)

Happy Friday, y'all!!!


  1. Hahaha!!! That's too cute! Tell her she can come to my house and clean toilets anytime. =)

  2. How funny! Those pics are adorable! I would love for my kids to clean the toilet. Ha ha. Kids are so darn cute. Like the shower curtain by the way. Have a great weekend also!

  3. That is great! and so fitting...I featured you on my blog fro making me smile with your lovely comment this week! Thank you for making me smile!


  4. oops...gosh I don't know why I am having problems signing in!


  5. hahaha! way to go mama, put 'em to work;) can't wait for B to wish for things!


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