Friday, April 1, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

No outfit post from yesterday, and here's why...  I woke up yesterday, got dressed, looked in the mirror and freakin' LOVED my outfit.  I had no time to snap a pic unfortunately.  I walked around all day feeling great about myself and what I was wearing.  Finally, in the evening after work, I got Toots to snap a couple of pics of me.  OMGosh..the outfit looked hideous!  It reminded me of what Erica and Kayla were talking about the other day...about there being a disconnect between the mirror and the camera some times.  Totally happened in this case!  I'm glad that I waited until the end of the day for my bubble to get popped, because otherwise I would've walked around feeling silly all day about what I had left the house in.  My attitude/mood for the day would've been totally different.  :o)

Today, I am once again loving what I have on and my mood reflects that.  This time though, the camera wasn't as cruel.  ;o)
So many faux paux's...when you are rushing.  ;o)

My Lovelies:
Orange Dress - Cato
Purple Cardigan - Target
Brown belt (thrifted)
Leopard flats - Burke's Outlet

I hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday!  And that ain't no April Fool's!  ;o)
I am going to get a massage on my lunch break today.  Yeehaw!



  1. Look at you, hot momma!! I absolutely love that bright dress & cardi! I haven't been into Cato in ages, but I'm going to check it out today, when Nate gets home to relieve me from sick kid duty. =)

  2. Thanks! It's hit or miss with Cato..sometimes they have cute stuff and then other times is more "maw-maw" type clothes. Worth checking out for sure! Hope the birthday boy feels better!


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