Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stepping out of the box...Eeeek!!

I resolved to step out of my clothing comfort zone and I have done just that.   I am wearing an outfit today that I would've never in a million years worn a month ago.  It's not even outrageous by any means, it's just not safe (for me anyways), ya know?  I'm slowly learning how to use things that I already have in my closet and just pair them differently and unexpectedly.  I had so much fun last night playing "dress-up".  :o)

Here is my first "concoction"...
Dress -- Family Dollar
Shirt -- Wal-mart
Shoes - Thrifted
Belt - Dirt Cheap (that's really the name of the store)
Jewelry -- had FOREVER!

Here's the story on the's actually a dress that I got for like $5 at Family Dollar.   The t-shirt I've had forever and only worn like 2 times.  The shoes I snagged at the thrift store this week for $3, but have the same issue that Tiff has with hers...they're just a tad too big, even with those heel pad things they still slip off a little.  They are my size and I tried them on at the thrift store, but should've taken a little stroll in them to discover that they aren't a perfect fit.  :o(  They are the cutest patent leather peep-toe wedges and I want to wear them so desperately.  Perhaps I'll try to add another set of those heel pads and see if that works.  I hate to let cute, cheap shoes go to waste!  ;o)

Since I'm taking time off of running this week (not by choice..stupid hamstring!), I've had my lunch break to use as I please...which of course means, thrift store shopping.  Here are a couple of things that I've gotten:
$3 a pair at the Goodwill.  WooHoo!!

6 belts @ 25 cents each = SCORE!
P.S.   I had to change out of my shoes (so as to not kill myself from tripping) and are now wearing black patent leather ballet flats.  Boring!!  Oh and I probably should've shaved my legs before a skirt..but doubt anybody's getting close enough to check it out.  lol

Life is grand!  Happy Thursday!


  1. I love both those shoes you're wearing in the close-up! Did you get both of those while thrifting? Cute, cute! And the belts... Score! Okay, that's it. I was going to go to Target today during lunch, but now I'm heading to the thrift store. =)

    Oh, and by the way, you look super super cute! The box is no fun anyways. =)

  2. Yes, the shoes were $3 a pair at the thrift them both. I've got to figure out how to tie the other ones better though...they look kind of weird like that. lol
    I still don't have much of an imagination when it comes to putting stuff together, but I'm working on it. Thanks! :o)

  3. I love the outfit! And the shoes and belts? Definitely a lunch break well spent.

    North Meets South


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