Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's what's going on!

So, I wasn't even sure if "frugality" was a word...but it is listed in it must be true.  :o)

The time has come and I will be moving back out on my own.  Eeeek!  I have the emotions of being so super scared and yet so unbelievably excited all rolled up in one!   I will be glad for Toots and I to have our own space, to be surrounded by our things and have our own routine again.  However, in the same sense, not having another to lean on and share the responsibilities of "bringing home the bacon" is a scary thought for me.  I am by no means getting in over my head here.  Trust me, I have already budgeted out everything and know what I'm going to be earning/spending.  I have always been responsible when it comes to money, have always paid the bills first and lived within my means.  It will be tight, for sure, but it will be manageable.  
I have decided that I will try to become even more "frugal" than I already am.   As of now, I have no qualms about shopping at a thrift store for gently used clothing, buying the "Great Value" brand of items at the grocery store and things like that.  So, now my plan is to just build on that...let the uber-frugalness begin!  ;o) 
I was reading on some different websites last night on ways to be frugal, such as saving electricity by unplugging things that aren't in use.  I also read about how to eat healthy but inexpensively, I sort of already do that but definitely got some good suggestions on how to do it even better.  I do plan on starting to pack Maddie's lunch for school every day rather than buy school lunch.  I think that will save me a few $dollars$ for sure.
I got some really awesome ideas on Living on a Dime.  One of my favorites was "how to save on paper towels" by making rags for cleaning/dusting from old clothing and bed sheets.  So, this is what I am finding myself doing this morning (while running the office at work, of course)...
Old t-shirts = New cleaning rags
I can't wait to put this all in motion!  Stay tuned....  ;o)


  1. Love it! I'm unlike you... I wouldn't be frugal if Nate hadn't pushed me into it. lol But now I'm loving it! Couponing, thrifting, remixing... I love it all. =)

  2. I want to be frugal, too. I kinda am already, but I would like to become a professional at it! @Tiffany, what is "remixing"?


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