Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday's Tunes: My heart is happy!!

My brother in law recently made me a "mixed tape" (actually it's a CD, I just like to say mixed tape because it's funnier..and reminds me of Eat, Pray, Love...and 1987) of Christian Country music.  
These two songs were on it.  I had never heard either of them before and am now loving both!!
Beautiful songs from two of the most talented women in country music!
Enjoy!  :o)

Don't they both just make your heart happy?!   I know they do for me.
The Allison Krauss one gives me chills every time I hear it!!  :o)

What song does that for you?

Happy Tuesday, y'all!!


  1. Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill on "women of country music" night (i think!) singing "How Great Thou Art". Chills for sure.

  2. I love Allison Krauss! She sings You say it best when you say nothing at all... which is "our song". Mine and Nate's. =)

    I absolutely love that song "Life is easy when you're up on the mountain, and you've got peace of mind like you've never known..." There was a man at the church we used to go to that sang that song and it almost always brought tears to my eyes to hear him sing it. He was an older man and he just sang it like he had lived through the ups and downs. It was pretty much amazing.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Great picks!!! Continue being happy!


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