Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday's Thrifty: I love a good deal..but this is just ridiculous!

Last Thursday, I decided to break my "spending freeze" and took a trip to Goodwill after work.  I gave myself a budget of $30 and left out of there with 4 shirts, 1 skirt, 1 dress for me and 1 dress for Toots with a grand total of $30.37.   Not too shabby!  So, my plan was to share with you guys a few of my finds from that day for today's post, well that is getting trumped by the deals of the century that I got Friday evening.

I went to Burke's Outlet to see if I could find a pair of sandals or wedges to replace my worn out ones.
Of course, the clothing clearance section caught my eye on the way to the shoe department.  I looked around for a few and was excited to find a nice black blazer that was marked down 70%, so it was only $3.  Score!  Well, then I headed on over to the shoes where a pair of yellow sandals caught my eye on the clearance wall.  Original price was $14.99, but was stamped with a green stamp..which the sign showed as being representative of 95% off.  Say what?!?!  At the register she rang up my 2 finds, gave me an additional 15% off for being a member of their savings club.   
Grand total....(wait for it)....$3.42 including tax.   
The yellow makes me happy!  :o)

As if that wasn't enough..I walked next door to It's Fashion and scored some cute jewelry for 99 cents each.

THEN I stopped at Family Dollar to grab a couple things for the house, I got these cute shoes for $1.

Total for all my awesome finds...$10.86!!

I'm still in shock!  You can't even do that thrifting!  Craziness!! 

Happy Thursday, y'all!!


  1. That is awesome, girl!! Those yellow sandals are to die for! For reals, LOVE them!

  2. Man, those are some GREAT deals! You really scored big time. Jealous of the yellow sandals. Can't wait to see you wear the blazer.

  3. Doesn't a great deal make you feel so good? I love it! Enjoy your new, adorable finds.


  4. Oh, those shoes are fabulous! I need some fancy sandals like that. Hoepfully I can get a good deal like you!

    North Meets South

  5. Great finds. I love the yellow shoes!!! Yellow makes me happy too! Continue with your thrifting. I've been trying but get so discouraged when I don't find anything! Did I say I love your yellow shoes, I really do!

  6. Wowza! You deserve a bargain trophy or something!

  7. That is soooooo awesome!! I wish I could do that!!
    Monique xx

  8. Following you from the Get Wired Hop...sorry I'm late.


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