Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday's Thrifty: I got nothing!

I really don't have anything to post about, y'all.  We are so busy at work this week and I am temporarily back on my spending freeze, so no thrifting this week.  
I will be in NOLA this weekend so I'm hoping to stop in at my favorite thrift store there.
(That place is totally worth lifting the freeze over.) Seriously!
  I'll let ya know how it goes.  :o)

I am linking up with Modest Fashion Sense's Thrifty Thursday with my $5.50 outfit I posted yesterday.
Go by and check her out and all the other thrifty ladies that are linking up too.  

Happy Thursday!


  1. Ha, I'm racking by brain for something thrifty to post today too. =) Does raiding Grace's closet count as being thrifty? lol

  2. That's ok for not being able to thrift now. You will hopefully get EXTRA thrifty karma on your NO trip!

  3. Bummer... but there's always next week! Love yesterdays outfit!!! Hot Hot Hot!

  4. Next time you're in NOLA send me an email! I am always wanting to find thrifting buddies


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