Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday's Wear: I wanna be a BUM!!

Let me just tell you that Me, Myself and My Closet are about to having a "Coming to Jesus" meeting.  I've got to be able to find some sort of middle ground regarding getting dressed.   I was completely unable to "bum it" to go run a few errands and get groceries on Saturday.  I wanted to wear running shorts/tee and ended up in this.
While so much has changed in my "getting dressed" process..and all for the good...I've got to be able to be casual and comfortable sometimes too. 
I'm still a work in progress, it seems!  ;o)

My Lovelies:
Shirt - Cato
Shorts - LEI - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Wedges - Payless
Scarf and Bangles - thrifted

I am sorry for the first pic being blurry.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with me using a self-timer on a camera that is on top of a trash can on top of a chair in the middle of my kitchen.  ;o)
I have worn this shirt before over a dress and I like it so much more tucked in. 
Is this considered "color blocking"?  It wasn't intentional...just happened.   :o)

Happy Hump Day to y'all!!


  1. Oooh! Love the color combo. I need to try more colors together like this. Like how you topped it off with the scarf headband.

  2. Cute top. Those ruffles are darling and I love your green shorts!



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