Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...

I wanted to share with y'all a frugal find.  I discovered this last week while planning Toots' slumber party.  I wanted something fun for the girls to do but still inexpensive.  I decided that I would let them make their own individual pizzas.  I figured I would grab up the ingredients at Wal-mart and would come in cheaper than if I had ordered it from Pizza Hut or something.  Well, my sister called me and said to check Dollar Tree.  Low and behold, she was right.  
They have all the ingredients you need to make individual pizzas (minus veggies, of course).  

You can get the crusts (2 in a pack), pepperoni's (approx 25 or 30 per package), a jar of sauce and even shredded italian blend cheese...all for the low, low price of $1 each.  (I kind of sound like a grocery store loud speaker announcer. lol)  I couldn't believe that they have a cold and frozen section there now!  Oh and I just discovered that you can shop Dollar Tree online..how awesome is that?!  Jackpot!!

It was a fun thing for Toots and I to do together in the kitchen.
Yes, she only put 3 on hers.  She actually doesn't even eat the pepperoni, she takes them off, but REFUSES to eat "cheese" pizza.  Make sense?  I don't know where this weird child came from!  ;o)

Frugal and Delish!!  Gotta love that!

So, Happy Tuesday to all!


  1. Cute shorts! And those shoes are fabulous. What a great thrifting find!


  2. I love that Dean Martin song, and I love the wedges! I am such a wedge girl. With two toddlers, who wants to be tripping around in heels?

  3. Oh yes indeed! These legs of mine love wedges. =) We used to order pizza every Friday night. Now, we almost always make our own! It's cheaper and FUN! However, I had no idea you could find that stuff at the dollar store! Awesome!!

  4. your shorts are great and i think it's safe to say i'm going to be making those pizzas this week :) i was passing by and sean {the boy} said we had to to have them. mmm delicious!


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