Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just some random ramblings!

Not much exciting happened yesterday...took a day off of running (kinda missed it)...worked...did some laundry (yuck) while I visited with my grandparents (nice)...got to see Alex for a bit (always a pleasure)...hooked up an antenna in my bedroom so I can get local channels because I'm too frugal to pay for cable (SCORE!)...and stayed up too late watching The Nanny and Seinfeld (ssshhh..don't tell IronMan).  That was Monday..in a nutshell.  :o)

Now, the calendar has turned to Tuesday.  I am starting training back up.  I registered for my 2nd 5K yesterday.  I'm so excited!!  I plan on beating my 37:23 time, fo sho!    Now, that I am allowed to time myself (IronMan wouldn't let me while training for my 1st), I can figure out my pace and be able to track if I'm doing better time-wise.  Yee-haw!  It is so on, like Donkey-Kong, baby!  This girl has got a fire lit up under her booty...watch out!!  ;o)

Exciting things happening this week: 

  • Tuesday night:  Veggie soup/salad at home with my Tootsie
  • Wednesday:  .....To be determined....
  • Thursday:  "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" Day!  (I really am Irish)  :o)
  • Friday:  Well, heck..it's Friday..that is exciting in and of itself, right?
  • Saturday:  It's PARTY time!!!  My nephew is turning 7 (holy crap that makes his momma old!  lol) and we are celebrating it.  Craziness always ensues when the family is together...I LOVE every dang second of it!!!   Also, on Saturday..I plan on spending a significant amount of time at my favorite Thrift Store in NOLA.  Good deals on cute clothes are to be had...I just know it!  Yee-haws all around!!  :o)
 Well, that's all I have to say about that...



  1. I want to go thrifting in NO! Let me know where you go and what you find... I've been forced to take a few days off of running too and my body is mad at me for it! Its put on three pounds. =( As soon as this darn ear infection is GONE, I'm back, baby!

    Ha, Seinfeld! lol I can quote that show now, thanks to Nate.

  2. I love the Nanny and Seinfeld! I watch Seinfeld every night, thanks to my bunny ears.

    North Meets South

  3. Tiff, it's called Thrift City USA on Terry Pkwy. I stopped there for a few minutes on Sunday when I picked Toots up from her Dad's. I got some capris, 3 shirts and a purse for Toots and the total was under $6. Score!! :o)

  4. I love the fact that you said, "Yee-haws all around" LOL!!!!

  5. @Alli...you made me ALOL for like 5 minutes when I read that. lol


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